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Hollywog WiTouch TENS
Our Price: $124.99

Please visit our affiliate, VitalCare Technology, at www.vitalcaretech.com specializing in VitalStim Therapy. This innovative neuromuscular electrical stimulation is specifically designed for Speech Therapists in the treatment of dysphagia.


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Today's Super Deal!

Rapid Force Physio Tape

Our Price: $9.95

RapidForce® Physio Hybrid Shapes

RAPIDFORCE Physio Hybrid Shapes are new and innovative muscle support and pain relief products that were designed to fill a rehabilitation gap between non-elastic athletic tape and the highly elastic kinesiology tape. The RAPIDFORCE shapes are pre-cut, faster to apply and last longer on the body than any other taping option out there. Athletes that have used the shapes refer to them as “Tape 2.0” – the next revolution in treating muscle pain or injury.

Top Sellers

Cambion Gel Heel Spur Pad
Our Price: $11.99
Thera-Band Hand Xtrainer
Our Price: $13.99
Healix Care Daily Living Breathable Insole
Our Price: $20.99
REP Band Resistive Exericise Band - 5ft length
Our Price: $2.50
Thera-Band Door Anchor
Our Price: $5.99

New Products

Thermoactive Hot and Cold Compression Large Cuff
Our Price: $80.99
Thermoactive Hot and Cold Compression Small Cuff
Our Price: $70.99
Thermoactive Hot and Cold Compression Back Support
Our Price: $100.99
Thermoactive Hot Cold Compression Elbow Support
Our Price: $80.99
Thermoactive Hot Cold Compression Wrist Support
Our Price: $70.99